About Us

Necessity is the mother of invention. The reason behind designing Rafter stands was the lack of attractive guitar stands for home use. The guitar stands on the market have so far been mostly rugged, often black stands made of metal or plastic, which are great for stage use, but less suitable for decorated spaces.

The design of Rafter stands is an effort to bring beautiful, functional, space saving instrument stands to the market. The stand can accommodate two to four guitars depending on the sizes of the guitars, and the stand takes less room than two adjacent traditional single guitar stands.

The currently available models are multi-stands with four material choices, Birch, Ash, Oak, and Walnut. A protecting, cushioning high-density cork sheet is used in the contact points between the guitar body and the stand. More detailed information about the stands can be found from the Products pages.

Extensive testing has been made to ensure the compatibility of Rafter Stands with different instrument finishes, such as polyurethane and nitrocellulose lacquer, and no reactions or negative effects have been found between the stands and the instrument finishes. Nevertheless, we cannot ensure 100% safety with all the available finishes found in modern and vintage instruments, and therefore advise the user to cautiously test the compatibility of the instrument finish and the stand especially with precious or vintage instruments. For more information, please read Compatibility with Instrument Finishes, or contact us.

Single guitar stands are also currently under development, one for acoustic and one for electric guitars and basses.

The stands are designed by Bravuri Engineering Design, a small design bureau in Helsinki, Finland, handcrafted in a carpentry shop in Southern Finland, and stored in & shipped from a warehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. Please contact us in case you are interested in purchasing larger amounts of the stands or distributing the stands in you location.