Rafter Guitar Stands

Rafter Stands are premium, wooden multi guitar stands currently with four material choices - Birch, Ash, Oak and Walnut. The stands can be used with 2-4 guitars or basses depending on the thickness of the body of the instruments.



The total width of the stand is ca. 48 cm, leaving 44 cm (ca. 17,3 in.) room for the instruments between the two sides of the stand. In practice the stand can accommodate for instance 2 acoustic guitars and an electric guitar or bass, or alternatively for example four electric guitars or basses. The position of the dividers can be adjusted depending on the amount and dimensions of the instruments placed on the stand.


The total height of the stand is ca. 63 cm (25 in.). The maximum size for instruments that the stand can accommodate is body length of ca. 53 cm (ca. 21 in). For example for a large 21 inch dreadnought, there is ca. 2/5 of an inch of free space between the body of the guitar and the upper horizontal crosspiece.

The color of the stand may differ slightly from the pictures; this is caused by wood as a material with natural variation in the color depending on the raw material.