Compatibility with Instrument Finishes

The compatibility of Rafter Stands with different finishes used in stringed instruments:

Guitars and basses have a wide array of different finishes, varying in formulations and production methods. The finish of an instrument may be influenced by different factors, such as exposure to temperature, humidity changes, moisture, direct heat, polishes, waxes, and other surface enhancers or treatments.

Rafter Stands have been, and are continued to be, tested in use with different kinds of instruments (from e.g. 1960’s vintage instruments to brand new instruments) with different kinds of finishes (e.g. polyurethane, nitrocellulose lacquer) and for different durations (from several days to several months), and no problems, reactions or negative effects have been found in the tests between the stands and the instrument finishes. However, Rafter Stands and Bravuri Engineering Design cannot guarantee that our products are totally safe with each kind of finish found in stringed instruments throughout the history.

In general, open pore finishes may be more sensitive to surface damages than more commonly used high gloss finishes. The materials that have been reported in the literature and forums to cause damages to e.g. nitrocellulose finishes include for instance vinyl, nylon, rayon, and EVA foam.

Rafter Stands use high-density cork sheet as a cushioning and protective element between the instruments and the wooden frame; cork sheet as a material has been chosen to protect the possibly sensitive finishes of the instruments placed on a Rafter Stand. Nevertheless, since the selection of formulas and ingredients vary drastically in the finishes of different stringed instrument, it is impossible for a manufacturer to guarantee a 100% safety with all kinds of finishes.

When dealing with a valuable instrument, the user is advised to cautiously test the compatibility of the instrument finish and the stand for short periods of time in order to mitigate the risk of permanent damage to the instrument finish. Bravuri Engineering Design assumes no responsibility of potential damage caused by incautious use of its products.

All our tests with different instruments on Rafter Stands have been successful; however, proceed cautiously especially when storing vintage or upper tier price range on any instrument stand!