We ship Rafter stands in the EU and to other selected destinations. Furniture are often expensive to ship due to their large size; Rafter Stands are shipped via postal services as a flat pack in order to reduce the shipping costs.

Using postal services instead of courier companies enables often at least 50% cheaper shipping rates. However, as a consequence the delivery times of the post packages are longer, usually up to 14 days.

In case you would prefer faster delivery using a courier, such as DHL, please contact us, and we will quote a shipping price for you.

Below is a list of the countries the stands are currently delivered to. The listed shipping costs are calculated for the weight of one stand. In case you wish to order several stands or in case your country is missing from the list, please contact us, and we will find a suitable shipping method and give you a quote!

Austria €9.00 EUR

Belgium €9.00 EUR

Bulgaria €15.00 EUR

Canada €19.00 EUR

Czech Republic €9.00 EUR

Denmark €9.00 EUR

Estonia €5.00 EUR

Finland - Free shipping

France €15.00 EUR

Germany €9.00 EUR

Hungary €9.00 EUR

Ireland €9.00 EUR

Italy €15.00 EUR

Japan €15.00 EUR

Latvia €9.00 EUR

Lithuania €9.00 EUR

Luxembourg €9.00 EUR

Netherlands €9.00 EUR

Norway €19.00 EUR

Poland €9.00 EUR

Portugal €15.00 EUR

Romania €15.00 EUR

Slovakia €15.00 EUR

Slovenia €15.00 EUR

Spain €15.00 EUR

Sweden €9.00 EUR

Switzerland €19.00 EUR

United Kingdom €9.00 EUR

United States €19.00 EUR

All shipping costs shown may be subject to change without prior notice.